Bring Me Back

Author: B.A. Paris

Published: June 19, 2018

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Where I picked up my book: Received free via publisher

Key Words: thriller, suspense, mystery

My Rating: 4 star


Synopsis (via B&N):

She went missing. He moved on. A whole world of secrets remained—until now.

(there was a lot more to the book description, but seriously…this is all I think you need. It’s all I had to go off of, and I’m SO happy I didn’t read any additional descriptions. The less you know here, the better).

My Thoughts:

Ohhhh this one was good! I read it in a few days and was up way too late one-more-paging my way to the end. This is definitely a short, fast paced read that will have you questioning, guessing, wondering, assuming, getting angry and then feeling sad all at once. It is written in alternating points of view, which gives us, as readers, some serious insight into each of the main characters. When I reach for a thriller,  I want to be swept into the world and spit back out when I read the final sentence-and that is EXACTLY what this book does. Although the ending seemed maybe a tad far-fetched for some readers, it didn’t matter to me in the least and I yelled out loud when everything was revealed. So maybe it’s a case of needing to suspend reality a little bit? My advice is to go with it and get sucked in. If you love thrillers and suspenseful writing with a few psychological games thrown in for good measure…give Bring Me Back a read, you won’t be disappointed!

Did you read this one? Let’s discuss the ending because I just need to talk about it with someone and hear your thoughts. You can reach me over on Instagram @bookishfolk or comment here and we can chat!

It comes out tomorrow! Whoop for summer thrillers, when the daylight hours are longer 😉

Thank you St. Martin’s Press for the free review copy.


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