Friday Favorites 6/22


This is just a list of things that I’m currently reading, watching, thinking about, doing or basically, just plain obsessing over. I thought I’d share them with you periodically on Fridays, so you can see inside the sporadic brain of Melissa. If that’s something you’re into 🙂 Feel free to tell me your latest obsessions-I’m always into seeing what other people are into!

1. Creating playlists with Spotify. I used to obsess over making blank tapes (and later cds). This is 1,000x’s better.

2. Bookstagramming! Always and forever. Find me and all the amazing bookish people over on Instagram

3. Booking tickets for Paris and Amsterdam. We have a spot for 1 more trip while we’re there. Any recommendations?

4. With that said…I have been obsessed with Anne Frank since I was a little girl. We’re going to the Anne Frank museum. Wishes come true.

5. Researching plants for our yard. Living in Colorado and keeping things alive is hard.

6. Watching Younger on Hulu and can’t.stop. It’s getting a little out of hand, but if you’re into binge watching-check this one out!

7. Trying to decide if I should take the leap and order BOTM. I’m only torn because I receive a lot of bookmail and am constantly adding books to my library queue as it is. Can I handle more books? I mean, the obvious answer is probably yes 🙂

8. Obsessing over this stationery and planning to make some asap.

9. I’ve put this book in my cart 15 times, and then I start sweating, locking doors and windows, and then think maybe I can’t handle it lol. But I realllllllly want to read it. Have you read it yet?!

10. This has my heart.

bookishfolk…read instead.