May Wallpaper

Hello, Hello!

I LOVE Alice Hoffman’s books, but have a particular love for Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic. There’s feminism, witchy feels, gardens, soap-making, tea-drinking, family, love, potions, apothecary, beautiful language-I would live inside these books if I could 🙂 So it seemed like a quote, some drawing, and piece of watercolor art for the background was needed for this month…and maybe it’s time for a re-read too 🙂 I hope you enjoy and as always, find me on Instagram!

bookishfolk free wallpaper alice hoffman quote

bookishfolk…read instead.

August Bookish Wallpaper

Hello, Hello booklovers! I probbbbably should have spent yesterday catching up on emails, completing orders, looking at inventory, you know…work things. But instead, I spent the majority of the day creating this month’s bookish wallpaper for your phone! I’m not mad about it 🙂 Let me know what you think, or send me a photo of it on your phone! I’d love to see it out in the wild!

phone wallPAPER #2