Black Lives Matter Wallpaper

This world is standing up and saying that this is not okay! I’ve collected various resources and posted them over on Instagram (Look at the BLM in the saved stories). You’ll find books to read, movies to watch, people to follow and places to donate. I’ve also created this phone wallpaper for you to use. Maybe it will spur a conversation, be a daily reminder to keep fighting and let others know where you stand. Keep fighting the good fight-it’s about time people listen!


Keep fighting, keep learning, keep talking, keep listening and by all means, keep standing up for Black folks. Stay safe out there!

bookishfolk…read instead.

October’s Bookish Wallpaper

Here is your wallpaper for this month! I hope you enjoy it and as always, share it with me on Instagram at (@bookishfolk) and tag me if you’d like! I love to see these wallpapers being used out in the wild, wild world 🙂 Also…are we friends yet on Instagram? We should be friends on Instagram 🙂

phone wallpaper for october


Here is this month’s wallpaper! I was thinking about how much I like to be around my friends, but there are times (read: a lot of times) I want them around me, but I just want us all to be engrossed in our own books…but together. Is that so much to ask?! Hope you enjoy! As always, tag me on Instagram (@bookishfolk) and show me your wallpaper out in the wild!


August Bookish Wallpaper

Hello, Hello booklovers! I probbbbably should have spent yesterday catching up on emails, completing orders, looking at inventory, you know…work things. But instead, I spent the majority of the day creating this month’s bookish wallpaper for your phone! I’m not mad about it 🙂 Let me know what you think, or send me a photo of it on your phone! I’d love to see it out in the wild!

phone wallPAPER #2