Friday Favorites 8/3


Here are some of my recent musings and obsessions. Enjoy!

  1. Uggh just finished the last season of The Fosters ever. I had no idea it was ending and this family (show) just gives me all the feels.
  2. Listening to this song forever and always. I’m not even kidding-it was the ONLY song I listened to on a recent flight. Don’t judge…
  3. And if you really want a good cry…watch this video next! I may never recover from this ugly cry.
  4. I cannot stop thinking about this book. Seriously…it’s not an easy read, but it’s life changing.
  5. This deodorant has me intrigued…
  6. This box is still just constantly taunting me. Waiting for me to buy her.
  7. I JUST had my birthday, but I’m already in thinking mode for next year-my big 4-0.
  8. I love these tinted chapsticks. I have rose and it’s fantastic!
  9. Get out of here! I want one (but that price tag…)
  10. Obviously forever and always obsessed with Bookstagram.
  11. Forever dreaming about a chicken finger sub from home. Why don’t subs exist in Colorado?!